Wednesday, November 25, 2015

November 23, 2015

Well this week was a crazy week. We really had an up and down week. We
had SO many appointments set up, like 4 at least a day, but we had so
many people fall through. Almost all of them! We really tried to
figure out why this was happening, all of our investigators that were
progressing or that we were trying to extend baptismal dates to,
couldn't meet. And it was really frustrating, but we really started to
see why. Because all of these appointments fell through, it gave us a
lot of time to street contact and meet new people. And since this last
Wednesday we have found 15 new potential investigators, 10 new return
appointments, and so far 3 new progressing investigators and hopefully
that number keeps rising but yeah it's been good! Frustrating with all
the other investigators but it's showing progress in an area we didn't
expect haha and one of our investigators read half the Book of Mormon
in 2 days! He is totally soaking it i--it's awesome. His name in
J--.  Other than that there wasn't much. 

I'm excited for Thanksgiving, we are going to a
family's house and they are the freaking best. They are a lot of fun and 

really make us feel at home. I'm excited:)
It will be fun. Sorry that there wasn't a ton to write about,
hopefully lessons will start happening more with all the people we
have now in our teaching pool, so pray that we will be busy. Haha because
it needs to start happening! 

I hope you have a great Thanksgiving! You
will have to tell me how it goes! Once again I don't have any pictures--
sorry! I need to take more! And btw I'm staying in Portland, I don't
think I told you that last week. Sooo ya! I love you all. Remember to
think of things you're thankful for.

My spiritual thought is very simple. Well, it's just a tiny thing I
want you all to think of this week, and then I want your response next
week! First I want you to think of the sacrifices you have made/other
people have made for you, and then I want you to ask yourselves, why
is sacrifice essential? And how has it strengthened you?

I love you all! Happy Thanksgiving! I'm thankful for all the prayers
and all the love I feel from all of you. I truly feel it. Have a good

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