Thursday, December 3, 2015

November 30, 2015

I'm glad you had a good week! And a fun thanksgiving! There is no snow here, so I haven't bought any 
boots but man it is SO cold here. The wind pierces your face when you walk, it's brutal but it's just 
more motivation to get lessons with people!! So we try way way way hard when we street contact and 
tract! Haha we always do, but the people see the extra want in our eyes I swear. The people here are 
pretty nice, they don't want to hear the message but they feel bad for us so they will bring us inside to 
warm up haha I wish they would listen but at least they let us warm up! 

We had another interesting week with everyone that we are teaching. Well not everyone, but most. 
The lessons just fell through and they couldn't find any time to meet and it was pretty frustrating. Even 
our recent converts J-- and A-- struggled to keep their appointments but they are still doing 
great. We met with A-- only once this week, but he is still strong as ever and just got his work 
permit! So he's pretty happy about that. And he passed the Sacrament this week at church too and 
he loved it! 

But with other people we are teaching......there is a new girl named Fi--. She's from 
Tanzania and she was Muslim there, but she met with Christian missionaries and converted to 
Christianity and her family did not like it. They actually tried to kill her. With Muslims we have to be 
really careful about teaching any of them because of that, even here in America. They have to be 
interviewed to make sure they are ok to teach. But anyways, yeah so she fled her country, hasn't talked 
to her family 
since she left (3 years ago) and ran into us! So we just started teaching her and she's the nicest girl ever. 
Also, our investigator J-- that read half the Book of Mormon in like 2 days, he is being baptized in 
January! I don't know if I already told you that last week, but yeah we are excited! He really is ready! 
Haha and we just picked up another named M-- and she is very interested, as well. Our teaching 
pool is really big but other than the ones I just talked about they have all fallen through this week. It's 
been a cold week but it's been really good. We met with a less active named Brother P-- and we had
a great lesson with him. It still blows my mind that he is less active because he's so amazingly nice and 
has such a burning testimony but yeah we are just trying to help him find that desire to come to church 
It's an interesting situation. 

J--, I talked about him a while ago, we really have high hopes for him still, it's been a month 
since we have met with him last but keep him in your prayers that he will find time to meet with us. 
He needs the gospel so bad, it would help him so much. 

It's been a good week, even when it gets tough we joke around and have a good time. But I'm enjoying 
this work, I truly love it. And I love being in tune with the Spirit. You never have to worry if you are in tune 
with the Spirit and it's a great feeling. I love you all! Oh, and our Thanksgiving was great! It was the usual 
food too:) no seafood! I wish! But it was great. I felt right at home! I love you all, and I hope you have a 
good week!! 

We are terrible at taking pictures. It's too cold to pull the camera out during the day and we just don't 
think about it but I took this one because I got a new hat and I'm pumped. My ears get sooo cold so 
this hat will be awesome. 

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