Tuesday, December 8, 2015

December 7, 2015

Good luck, Grandpa, with the knee
replacement! You're still young, so I bet it will be fine but know
that I'm praying for you and hope you get well soon! 

My French is terrible haha it's not really coming along, it's hit a road block, and
I can't speak it to save my life but I can understand it pretty well.
But yeah it's not very good haha.

Well this week was an interesting week! A lot of ups and downs for
sure, but it was still pretty good. We have had a rough past 4 ish
days, I don't know what it is about this place right now but everyone
cancels appointments! Ha we have gone to the appointments and they
weren't there or they say they aren't home anymore after we call them--
but yeah we've had a lot of that the last few days! But I've really
learned to keep my head up, and I've been humbled a lot lately too. We
were seeing a lot of success in the area for pretty much the entire
first transfer, and I have needed this humbling to show me how I
handle these kinds of situations. Patience seriously is a virtue. It's
hard to have patience, but it's something everyone needs. At the
beginning of the week I was on an exchange with another Elder in
Yarmouth and it was a lot of fun, and we had a lot of success talking
with people. We set up a few return appointments and people were just
showing interest in what we had to say. It was awesome!! We are
encouraged to hand out these little Christmas cards that have a link
to the church website on it and that really has helped, because people
at this time of year are always nicer haha especially towards a
message about Christ. 

The headquarters for L.L. Bean is in Yarmouth
and they have a massive shopping mall there so we walked around it and
talked to a ton of people, and Mom you would be obsessed with this
place!  Dad too, because there is a big hunting section that I saw
through the window, too, but yeah it was really really cool. I'll send
some pictures. But yeah it's always fun talking to people, and there
were a select few that totally crossed our path for a reason. And this
next district meeting I will DEFINITELY be checking up on the Yarmouth
Elders and see where it has taken them! I'm excited to find out. And
we are still working with Fe-- and she came to church again and we
were able to meet with her a couple times this week! Things are moving
in the right direction with her so it's going great! She's nervous to
dive into it, but she is slowly lightening up to it. And she's ENGLISH-
yeah overall it was a good week.

My message this week is short, but it's about the cards we were
handing out that I talked about earlier. If you haven't already
watched the Christmas video that the church made, go watch it!! It's
truly amazing. And I encourage you to post it onto social media so
everyone can see it. If you go to Christmas.mormon.org it's right
there, and put the link on Facebook or something, then it helps. You
have no idea who's life it could change, member or not, so please do!
We encourage everyone to do that, so hasten the work:) I love you all!
And hope you have a good week! Mom, I'll work on that list:) and I
hope you get some snow soon!!

Elder Webb 🎄

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