Thursday, November 5, 2015

November 2, 2015

Well this week was a good week!! And Happy Halloween! 

We had a really good week this week, it was a lot of fun having success with people. A

lot of our time is taken up by the recent converts, because they need
the recent convert lessons so we taught a lot of those this week to
Jeanne and Anaclet. They are so awesome--haha teaching them is so fun
because they just love hearing about the gospel and they already have
such strong testimonies and, they are like my children I swear.
Especially Anaclet. He's like 50 but he's still like my child. So that
always is a mood booster when we get to teach them--but other people we
are teaching.....well we are teaching a guy from Idaho.
He has been taking the discussions for about 4 years and is a
really honest person and that's why he hasn't been baptized because he
really wants to be 100% ready and he is so close. He was addicted to
pain pills after a knee surgery and it took over his life for a while
and that's why he's out here in Maine because his wife divorced him
(she's a member) and told him to change his life and turn fully to the
gospel because that's what will help him. So he really has had a
desire to learn more and like I said he's really honest so he is
REALLY asking a lot of questions and learning as much as he can so he
can truly gain a testimony of the gospel. His wife said if/when he
turns his life around they can get married in the temple and live
together again, so if he keeps going in the direction he's going then
his life will be great again but as of right now it's pretty sad. It's
it's fun to see the gospel change his life and boost his mood. 

We met an African family the other day and they are from the Congo. They

we're so nice and really enjoyed meeting with us, and of course they
fed us an African lunch and it was really good until they brought out
this green stuff called sombe (sombey) and it is really nasty but I
was able to fight through it and eat it. I'll eat anything if they
join the church. We are teaching a less active guy and he has
had a rough past with drugs and stuff but he's in Maine for some
program. He called us to meet with him because he wants to come
back to church. He's really busy so we don't meet with him a lot, but
hopefully we can meet with him more because he's a really good guy.
There are a lot of people with potential but yeah you all know how
that goes......patience is key. 

On Halloween we have "deep clean Halloween" and we have to be in our apartments 

by 5 and we just clean. Definitely not the funnest, and Mom, you know how much 
I love cleaning, but it wasn't too bad. Yesterday we were walking to Anaclet's apartment
and some guy stopped me and said "Hey I want to come to your church
and become a member, I've heard a lot of good things about your
church!"........that never happens. So he's going to call us today or
tomorrow and I'm excited for that haha really cool experience! This
week went by so fast, and it was a great week. 

One thing this week that I noticed was how grateful I am for is the power of the Spirit.

During a lesson I didn't know what to say to Anaclet, I got really
nervous because the lesson was going so good and the Spirit was so
strong and I didn't want to take away from it, but the Spirit seriously
put words in my mouth and I talked for a few minutes and it really
went well. The Spirit truly has our backs and helps us. It's so cool
to see how the Spirit works on people, it's obviously the true teacher
but it was really cool to see how it works sometimes and truly in
unique ways. 

Thanks for everything, I love you all. And I'm glad to

hear you all had a good week! Chase Murphy around for me, I bet he
doesn't miss me trying to scare him all the time but do it anyways.
Btw, Mom and Dad, you would love to move out to Maine, especially on
that island. It is insanely beautiful. Sorry I didn't take any
pictures either, I'll make sure I take more this week! Love you all!

Elder Webb

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