Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Oct. 12, 2015

What uppppppp??

Wow this week was insane. I am slowly adjusting but it's been pretty rough, and you will understand why hahaha. I'm in Portland, Maine! And it's a city that has a lot of African refugees-- it's a French speaking part of the mission! So I'm not sure if my mission call will change but there's a decent chance!  So yeah I don't understand people very much but it's pretty cool! Who would have guessed haha.  

Some of the food isn't too bad but it's definitely different! My companion speaks perfect French, so when we go to teach lessons I don't even say anything! I feel bad because I can't keep up or add anything but I'm slowly getting there. Oh yeah my companion, so funny story. He's from Alpine hahaha and Jared and I have known him our whole lives basically! His name is Elder Johnson, and he's Jared's age. I know for a fact Jared knows who he is but yeah that's nice to have him because we can talk about Alpine and Lone Peak and stuff so it's cool that I can relate to someone so much. 

Mom and Dad, out here I realize how much you did for me and I'm sorry I didn't express my gratitude to you as much as I should have. I guess better late than never but yeah thanks, it means so much to me.

 I want to hear about hunting season! Sports! Etc just tell me everything. I'm sorry this letter took so long, I had it typed up and it never sent I guess but, yeah, sorry Mom, it probably gave you a heart attack! hahaha I love you all so much--thank you for everything. I'm really learning to enjoy it out here. There's a Mormon message called "Daily bread" by D. Todd Christopherson and I want you all to go watch it. It's an amazing way to look at things, because if you are struggling with anything God will give you enough strength to make it through that day, even if you feel like it's never going to end, you just have to look at it from a daily standpoint. He will always give you enough for that day. I've watched that video a million times out here haha. Relying on God isn't always the easiest because we are all impatient and want solutions right in that moment, but if you really learn to trust God he will always help you, either a lot or else little by little. That's my short challenge and message for you:) Go watch it, it's amazing. 

Love you all, keep the emails Rollin--I love it!!  Have a good week!!

Elder Webb

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