Friday, January 29, 2016

January 25, 2016

Hey fam! 

Thanks for the package! I'm excited to get it. And yes there is a ton of snow here! Probably like 8 inches, and everyone says it's been a very mild winter so far--but I heard February gets crazy with snow sooooo I'll be excited for the spring. It gets insanely cold because of the humidity. It pierces through all layers no matter what. But Elder Hales and I have competitions to see who slips the most throughout the day on the ice. I'll be honest he usually loses. It's way funny. 

This week was once again not filled with a lot of investigator teaching but there was quite a bit of member lessons this week! It was good. But disappointing that we haven't had a lot of success with investigators lately. J-- though is doing great. We taught the gospel of Jesus Christ this week to him and he understands it perfectly, it's kind of scary how good he accepts everything but hey I'm not complaining! He's very fun to teach. He speaks decent English too. I love talking with him. We met with Sister Y-- again this week and she's doing great too! She said she's been praying for an answer to who she needs to invite over to be taught by us. She has social anxiety pretty bad so it was surprising to us, but it made us really happy! Also she came to church this week too! 

We are still living with the other elders so we are still having trouble with getting everything figured out with the apartment! We don't know if we are moving in for sure or if it's just temporary. They still have to spray a couple more times but we are tired of waiting to get the answer if it's permanent! Haha it's ok though, we have a lot of fun living as a foursome. The other elders are very similar to me, so we get along well. It's been fun! I'm sorry this week's email was so short, I'll do better next week! Hopefully I'll have more to write about! I went on exchange in a city called Saco and we were right by the beach so we pulled over to take some pictures so I hope you enjoy them! It's very pretty! Snowy beach too. Kinda weird. it is SO cold. Hope you have a good week! 

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