Thursday, January 21, 2016

January 19, 2016

Hi! Bed bugs got sprayed this week, but we are still living with
the other elders. They still will need to spray another time or two so
we are still out of it but yeah! It's been interesting haha 

This week was very very interesting, not a ton happened. But we had a
lesson with J-- FINALLY and it went SO well. We taught the last
half of the plan of salvation and he explained to us after that it was
really new to him, but he said that it makes perfect sense so he didn't
have any problems with understanding it! It was so awesome. He also
read all of First Nephi in between visits and it is honestly
unreal how well he understands it. He understands it on a member level,
I'm serious, and understands it in a spiritual way as well that is
incredible. It was a very fun lesson. He was sick and couldn't come to
church though, but that's ok.

We met with sister Y-- as well, and it started off very interesting.
She was very closed off and really seemed like she didn't want us
there. It was totally opposite of last time! But we taught her the
plan of salvation, and she said the reason why she was baptized 10
years ago was because of the plan of salvation because when she was a
newlywed she lost her husband in a car accident, so it meant a lot to
her knowing that she will be able to see him again. The lesson went
well, she opened up by he end of the lesson and was back to her old
self. She has some social anxiety, that's why I think she was so
closed off at the beginning but it did go well. We met with J-- as well 

and talked with him about missionary work and that was
good too. We have had to make some tough decisions this week with
investigators. We had to drop a few because there was no progression.
I tell you what, that's NO fun, but it was necessary.

We just had district P day and a sister that has served around me in
Portland this whole time is ending her mission, so we took a weird
picture to make her the center of it. That's how I roll, always
awkward and weird but hey I rep it. We have a fun district. Also, the
one on the very right is my companion. Elder Hales:)

I love you all! Keep up the good work and remember to read the Book of Mormon!

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