Wednesday, January 11, 2017

January 9, 2017

Well this week was a good week. We saw some really cool things happen.
It seemed like it was a pretty slow week because a lot of our
investigators were MIA but there were some really good things that
happened. So Elder Holt and I have made it a focus to really hit part-
member families as well as prospective Elders and we found one earlier
in the week and he invited us over for dinner. His name is G--.
 He was wayyy cool. We talked with him about the first vision
and how he gained a testimony of it, and he shared this way cool story
of how he visited the sacred grove and got his answer in the same
place Joseph Smith did. What made it even cooler is that he married a
non-member and she was able to hear him bear testimony and she was
clearly touched. We set up a return appointment with them for this
Wednesday. They want us to come over weekly for dinner, we are really

So, on Sunday, we were just sitting down and looked over and

there was G-- walking over to sit by us haha and he sat down and we
chatted for a second. Somehow we got to goals and by the end of the
meeting he said he set a goal for himself to not miss a single week of
church! We told him we will help him out with that and he said "good,
please do." Haha it was really cool.

We met with P-- a few times this week and she's doing great. We
started chatting with her about baptism and why we are baptized and
her answer made me realize how simple the gospel is-ha-kids tend to do
that. All she said was, "We are baptized because it makes us happy
because then we have the Holy Ghost to help us get back to Heavenly
Father"--pretty simple! And completely true! Haha she is a smart kid,
she's just shy sometimes but she definitely knows more than I did at

We were street contacting with our snow shovels during a storm the
other day and ran into this lady and we asked her if we could shovel
her driveway. She said if we were Mormon missionaries we could. So
I started chatting with her while Elder Holt started shoveling and I
came to find out she met with sisters 10+ years ago, and she still keeps
in touch with them. She has even been out to Utah to go to General
Conference! I was completely dumbfounded and asked if we could come
back and she hesitated a little but said yes. After that she then said
"I'll bring my son" and I'm thinking "heck, yeah--the more the merrier!" And
she then said "because I know you need to have a male in the house
over 18" I then was like, what the who are you hahaha she is so
awesome. We are going back this next week.

Love you fam! Have a good week and stay warm!

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