Thursday, January 5, 2017

January 2, 2016

Well this week was a good week, we started with an exchange and I left
to go to Canterbury for it. It had been at least 6 months since I have
done that it was really weird to be in a different area and proselyte.
I loved it, though-it was a fun day. During the exchange Elder Holt and
Elder Ferrell found a couple new investigators so we went to see them
the next day and we found out the only reason why they invited us back
was because they wanted us to meet their mom. It turned out that their
mom was a very dedicated baptist who was determined to convert us. It
went fine, Elder Holt and I didn't say much because she was in our
face for most of it but it just adds to the stories of the mission
haha walking away from situations like that is always really sad,
though--seeing people that are so faithful and have a lot of potential
and they don't fulfill it. Right after that happened we were able to
find 2 new investigators though so it still was a good day and our
moods were switched pretty fast. They are really cool. K- really
wants to turn his life around, and there's no better place to turn than to 
the gospel, obviously, so hopefully it works out.

I loved the holidays and everything about them but I am really happy
we were able to have a full week to proselyte haha it has been a
while, whether it was the booth that we did or Bass Pro Shops gift
wrapping, Christmas events put on by the missionaries in the zone,
etc. We didn't have any of that this week and it was awesome. The
weather made it a crazy week too.  It snowed about 11 or 12 inches on
Thursday just from about noon to 9 pm so it was a lot of shoveling. We
actually walked the streets for a couple hours and shoveled the
neighbors and our investigators and anyone that needed it.
People definitely wanted help-it was a really fun time.

We met with P-- and her family this week too and they are doing
well. They are a really great family, but we think we will have to
postpone P--'s baptism a little just to make sure she and her family
will stay strong. It won't be a very long wait, but we are leaving
commitments with the family and hopefully we will see them all grow
from it.

Love you all

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