Sunday, September 27, 2015

September 25, 2015

Thanks mom. It's been long but I'm doing good! Yeah, the days are SO long but they are still good days, you can't be in a bad mood being surrounded by the gospel 24/7 but yeah a little homesick, not too bad but its easy to let your mind wander.

I love the guys I'm with though, they are great. We fly out to Manchester on October 5th and I'm so excited to get out there.It's pretty tough, lots of work but we had some teaching experience today teaching a fake investigator but it seemed so real and it just flows. You think that you don't know a lot but you are surprised how well you would be in the setting of teaching a lesson. We had it all prepared to go a certain way and it went so far off that path hahaha--it was great but boy did it get off path. You can definitely feel the spirit even with a fake investigator so I'm so excited to go out and teach real people. 

I stare off all the time thinking "oh my gosh 2 years" but it will fly by and by the end I know I'll love it. I can already see the blessings I will get of doing this work. It's still a lot to take in and a lot to deal with but I know this is what I need to do. I'm seeing so many elders I know, like Elder Moss, Elder Lee, Elder Perrish and it is SUCH a blessing to see them haha it makes me feel way good. Oh, and we are the zone leaders now, too. 

I love you all and I miss you all.  I'm doing ok. I will write to you in a week, and then I will be able to call too at the airport! Which will be awesome. I can't believe I wear this name tag around now haha but I love it. It's awesome. I love you all!! Let me know what's going on at home, sports news, etc. I just want to hear haha! Have a good week!


Elder Webb

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